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About the Fund

Tar Heel Capital Alfa is a VC fund focused on financing polish tech companies developing solutions in the fields of i.e. Internet of Things, Big Data and Cloud Computing.

Science and engineering based technologies are already having an increasing impact on our lives, economies and societies. Therefore, we invest in intellectuals who approach and solve significant, complex scientific problems.

Purpose and key info

We aim at commercialisation of projects and ideas originating from i.e. polish scientific institutions. Guiding such projects through Proof of Principle and Proof of Concept is going to result in new products, services and technologies being brought to the market.

The fund’s investment strategy allows for financing of R&D, product or process innovation oriented projects with up to PLN 1 000 000.


The Alfa fund has just recently kicked off. You can access Pathfinder Group Portfolio or contact us to apply.

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